SailfishOS is an innovative, Linux based mobile operating system. At GreenAnt, we support all mobile phone systems with standards compliant services and tools. However, SailfishOS has a special place in our ecosystem as it's our preferred mobile OS and used by our Engineering team.

SailfishOS integrates seamlessly with GreenAnt services. We are constantly improving integration with these services and deploying end-to-end encryption wherever possible. After 18 months of testing in daily use, we're now preparing to offer this product as a bundle to the SailfishOS community. We're confident that you'll also enjoy this customised synchronisation, personal information management and groupware product.

The documents in this folder refer specifically to configuration and implementation details for SailfishOS. You'll also find more general information regarding the GreenAnt products that make up this bundle in the following links:

Donation to Jolla

We're keen to support further development of SailfishOS, so 10% of monthly subscription fees will be donated to Jolla.

Services in Package

  • Latest Nextcloud service (currently v12.0.3) on high speed servers --

    • 2 Factor Authentication support with SailfishOS (SailOTP)
    • CalDAV sync (native)
    • CardDAV sync (native)
    • encrypted KeePass storage (integrates with ownKeepass)
    • Task support (via DAVDroid/OpenTasks)
    • File Sync (compatible with Sailfish and Android clients)
    • Collaborative office docment support with OnlyOffice
    • Markdown Note support (via native and Android clients)
    • bookmark, photo and video sync support
    • federation, SFTP, FTP, WebDAV support
  • IMAP/SMTP with instant message delivery, server-side filtering (sieve)

    • integrated GPG support
    • webclient ( and IDLE support
    • Jabber/XMPP messaging with full P2P OMEMO encryption support (via Conversations app)
  • GPS tracks and phone location support (under full user control)

  • Video chat via WebRTC - *currently in beta

Pricing (Available Dec 2017) *pending enough interest, please vote!

Location monthly cost included storage extra storage
Australia $15 AUD 20GB of storage $0.50 per GB per month
Finland €15 EURO 20GB of storage €0.50 per GB per month