At GreenAnt, we will never lock you in to a product and make moving your site as easy as possible. We also try to make it easy to move your site from another hosting provider to us.

Generally, exporting and importing a WordPress site should go relatively smoothly. However, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Importing between significantly different versions of WordPress may pose some difficulties
  • Some plugins may require re-configuration

We're here to help if you have difficulties and also ofter a migration service.
Contact us if you need a hand.

General Procedure

Wordpress sites are made up of three key elements:

  1. Your WordPress files
  2. Your Wordpress database
  3. Your Wordpress server config

We recommend using a migration tool which helps with bundling together items 1 and 2. We will take care of item 3 for you and help if there's any issues.

Login to your new site

Firstly, it's good to log in to your new GreenAnt WordPress site and set things like your username and password. The login link will be something like: All GreenAnt Wordpress instances have extra login security so be careful not to get your login details wrong more than 10 times or you'll be locked out for an hour.

Install the plugin

We recommend a migration plugin like the Duplicator Plugin

Using the Duplicator Plugin

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