GreenAnt Nest permits you to share files with:

  1. other Nest Users
  2. arbitary persons via a web link

It is possible to share individual files of folders. If you share a folder, all child folders and files are also shared.

The file sharing is accessed from the Files sharing button, as shown below:


When you click this button, a sharing dialogue will open to the right:


The two options for sharing are displayed here:

  1. Sharing with users, groups and remote users
    • This setting will search for other Nest users (who need to have an account to participate in sharing)
    • It is also possible to share with groups which users may be a member of
  2. Sharing a link
    • here you can create a sharing link
    • any person can use this link
    • a password and expiration date can be set on the share
    • please remember the password you enter, it will not be shown again (although you can change it)