At GreenAnt we recognise that your mobile phone is the computer you use most. Therefore, all our services are designed to work efficiently from a small screen.

We also believe that your data privacy is not being served by large companies who use (and abuse) your data. That's why we aim to create a true alternative for mobile based sync of:

  • contacts
  • calendars
  • tasks
  • notes
  • bookmarks
  • files
  • photos
  • instant secure messaging
  • VoIP

These documents focus on some common solutions to integration with mobile phones.

Increasingly we are recommending the use of SailfishOS instead of iOS or Android. It is more in line with the goals of data ownership and security.

GreenAnt makes a committment that we will never attempt to lock you in to products, we use recognised standards in all our products and actively support federation and migration of services.