Contacts App

The GreenAnt Nest Contacts App allows you to manage your contacts and sync them between your devices. It supports the CardDAV standard which allows bi-directional sync between devices and your GreenAnt Nest account.

contact app

Adding Contacts

You can either add contacts manually by entering their details in the Web Interface or you can set up syncing to an existing Contact List.

In GreenAnt Nest, contacts can be sorted into multiple lists and can also have Tags attached to them, called Groups. This allows selectively sharing part of your contacts with other users while keeping other details private.

It's possible to upload images for users too.


It may be necessary to refresh your browser after adding a new contact list, for it to be visible

Syncing contacts

You'll notice that there is a Settings icon down the bottom left, which opens up more details of your contact lists.

To find the CardDAV link for a contacts, click on the link icon

sync links for contacts

You can then use this link in your desktop or mobile program to sync contact lists (see other docs in this folder for details).

GreenAnt also provides integration for syncing services in our Email application, see Email: Syncing Contacts.

Importing Contacts

You can also import list in iCal format using the Import button.