Calendar App

GreenAnt Nest has an advanced calendar function that is compatible with the CalDAV standard. This means you can easily sync your calendars with desktop and mobile clients.

The supported features are:

  • advanced web-calendar interface with:
    • multiple calendar categories
    • recurring events
    • notifications and alerts
    • time zones
    • attendees and invites
  • fast synchronisation with CalDAV clients
    • bi-directional sync


Sync Settings

You can access the main sync links by clicking on Settings & Import

You can also access the individual calendar links and sharing dialogues for each calendar by clicking the menu next to each one.

calendar sync

Enabling and Disabling Calendars

Each calendar has a coloured circle next to it, clicking this enables and disables the view of the calendar.

Other Settings

Changing the First Day of the Week

The default setting uses US english with the first day of the week as Sunday. You can change this by going to Personal Settings and changing your language to English (British English).