Thunderbird is an excellent, full-featured mail client that synchronises with your GreenAnt Mail and File Services.

The power of Thunderbird is in its many add-ons. In the following docs we'll detail how to connect using thunderbird as well as how to synchronise your data.

Using Mail

Sending Large Attachments

Thunderbird can connect to your GreenAnt Files storage and automatically send links to large files rather than trying to send them via email. This also allows you to set a password and expiry date for files you share.

Firstly, you'll need to install the add-on called ownCloud for Filelink.

Encrypting Mail


Searching Emails

Syncing Your Calendars

Calendar sync is achieved in Thunderbird using the add-on called Lighting. When you sync calendars, make sure to use the individual calendar link, which should look something like:

Calendar sync in Thunderbird is very fast (faster than in OS X Calendar of Evolution).

Syncing Your Tasks

Syncing Contacts

While Thunderbird does not support contact synchronisation be default, there are a number of ways of connecting you contacts (stored in CardDAV format) to Thunderbird.

We recommend using the add-on called Cardbook.

An alternative is Sogo Connector.

Other Useful Add-Ons

  • Chromatasks will colour your task list by the calendar colours
  • Gantt View allows viewing calendars and tasks in a Gantt Chart format
  • Quick Folder Move
  • Send Later Button

Additional Docs