Sailfish OS phones have the easiest sync settings with GreenAnt Nest.


Just enter the following details under a new CalDAV account. Your calendars and contacts will be autodiscovered and added.

  • Username: youruser@yourdomain
  • Password: YOURPASSWORD
  • Server Address:

Another Calendar App that works really well is aCalendar. It can be installed from the Aptoide app. It pulls its calendars from DavDroid.


Contacts are automatically synced using the "People" App when you set up a CardDAV account in the buil-in Sailfish OS Account Settings.


Task syncing is a little tricker as there is not a native Sailfish OS Task sync prohrame currently. Therefore, you'll need to install two Android programs using F-Droid.

  • install F-Droid from the web site (not from repo, the version is too old)
  • enable "Show apps not compatible with this platform" in settings
  • install DavDroid and OpenTasks from the F-Droid store

Your tasks will be synced periodically depending on the setting you choose. You don't need to keep DAVDroid running to sync.

Photos and Videos

You can use the Nextcloud Client App to automatically sync videos and photos to your Nest. This client also integrates with DAVDroid.


On Sailfish you can Synchronise your notes with the Nest

  1. download the application ownNotes from the Harbour
  2. use this address
  3. use the foldername Notes for the note folder
  4. Hit "synchronise"!


  • install the application cloudMarks
  • enter the server address:
  • this will sync with your Nest Bookmarks

News Feeds

  • you can synchronise with your Nest News (RSS Feeds)
  • download the app newsFish
  • enter the server address: