We have been getting a lot of requests to integrate secure messaging into the GreenAnt ecosystem.

Well, there's good news, we've been battle-testing our XMPP server over the last 6 months and will soon be ready to release a full GreenAnt Messaging Suite. This will include all the best secure communication standards. It will also be free of vendor-lockin and backdoors (unlike some other so-called "secure messengers" we don't care to mention).

GreenAnt is wholly committed to protecting your privacy and utilising the best in open standards and tools. All our messaging software is open-source and compatible with tried and true standards.

Upcoming features

Secure Text Messaging

  • XMPP Messaging (Jabber)
    • end-to-end encryption with OMEMO
    • multi user conversation support (MUC)
    • support for SailfishOS, iOS and Android Clients
    • Federation and "choose your own server" functionality

Secure Voice

  • Encrypted Voice Comms using WebRTC
    • Full STUN/TURN support
    • easy to use straight from browser

Voice routing

  • SIP calls and routing
    • this feature will come a little later...