For more security and privacy, GreenAnt also offers encrypted cloud storage on our Australian servers.

Our customers use the encrypted storage for health, research, financial, and other sensitive data. We often work with individuals and businesses to arrange their storage to meet their specific data security specifications.

Our encrypted storage services come with automatic backups and versioning.

If you have questions about how to store and share your data securely, let us know what you need to do and we can recommend some options to fit your budget.

Encrypted Storage starts at $60 AUD/Month for 250GB


GreenAnt GCrypt is a fully encrypted data storage system designed for maximum security and convenience.

It uses open standards to ensure your data is secure and portable. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest using:

  • standards compliant 4096bit encryption
  • public/private key model allows fine-grained sharing
  • version tracking of all file changes
  • desktop auto-sync with no delay
  • multiple "Projects" to keep your files organised
  • share and revoke permissions on a project-by-project basis
  • cross-platform compatability with Desktop client (Linux, OS X, Windows)