Your GreenAnt Email account comes with a default of 5GB quota and 10GB for our professional/business customers. You can also request quota addons.

Viewing Quota

You can view your remaining quota in the webmail interface by hovering over the quota indicator:


This quota is also visible in desktop clients like OS X mail and Thunderbird under account information.

Quota Warnings

The GreenAnt Email service will notify you if your mailbox is getting too full.

It's important to pay attention to these warnings as emials will be rejected if your mailbox is full.

You'll be warned by email at three levels of fullness:

  • 80% full
  • 95% full
  • 99% full

Clearing space

Even if you're mailbox becomes full, you will always have the option of an extra 100MB of space in the Trash folder. To clear space, move unneeded messages to Trash and empty the trash.

Remember to also empty your Junk folder periodically (this is not done automatically) but many email clients allow you to set a regular clean-out of this folder.

Getting more space

Contact Us if you require more space, we have very reasonable rates for extra storage.