Email Won't Send

Sometimes internet service providers (ISPs) will block something called port 25. This is the port your device needs to send and receive emails for a desktop email application. It is common for public wifi connections to block port 25 so you may encounter this problem at a cafe or library.

To address this problem there are a few solutions:

  1. Use webmail. The webmail email will still sync and send messages even if port 25 is blocked. Access the webmail here.

  2. If this is happening on your home internet connection, you can call your ISP and ask them to unblock port 25. It may require some negotiation depending on how cooperative your ISP is but they should open it for you.

  3. Use your ISPs outgoing server (SMTP server). You will have to get this information from your ISP. Please note that GreenAnt cannot guarantee the privacy of your messages going thorugh another server, therefore, this approach may not be secure.

  4. If the above methods dont work, then GreenAnt also supports sending email over a different port (port 21). This port is usually used for FTP, which in most firewalls and networks will be available. To use this port for sending email, change the outgoing (SMTP) port in your mail software from 25 to 21.

  5. Expert Level: Create an SSH tunnel.