Adding an Alias

In the settings menu, select "Accounts" in the left hand menu.

This will open a menu on the main screen which will allow you to edit and add accounts and identities.

Accounts will allow you to use additional email accounts in Rainloop (i.e. gmail, yahoo, other GreenAnt accounts).

Identities will allow you to add different aliases to your account. This is also where you can add and edit signatures that are unique to each alias.

To edit an identity and and signature, click on the identity name. This will open a new window which will allow you to edit the name, email signature and any reply-to or bcc accounts you want associated with this account.

Default Alias Identities are in a list order. You can change the order of the and select a new default alias by clicking and dragging it to the top of the list. The new default alias will be marked with a (default).

Adding an Email Signature

Different email signatures can be added to each identity or alias.

To add or edit and email signature, go to the Accounts page in the Settigs menu. Click on the identity and a new window will appear which will allow you to enter or edit an email signature.