How to transfer a domain from GoDaddy

Before placing a transfer request with GreenAnt, you'll need to obtain an Auth Code (if applicable) from GoDaddy and you will need to make sure that the domain is unlocked.

Important: Make sure you have Advanced List View enabled, as shown below:


  1. How to unlock your domain with GoDaddy:

    Login to your GoDaddy account; Next to Domains, click Manage All:


    Select the domain(s) to unlock and click Lock:


    Select the Off radio button, then click Save:


  1. How to obtain Auth Code (or "EPP Code") from GoDaddy:

    Login to your GoDaddy account; Next to Domains, click on Manage; Select the domain for which you need an Auth Code:


    Click Email my code in the Authorization Code field:


    Confirm the information displayed is correct and click Send:


  2. If Whois Privacy Protection service for the domain is enabled, you will also need to disable it.

  1. How to accept transfers at GoDaddy:

    Note: This step is required only after the transfer has been approved by clicking the the link found in your transfer confirmation email.

    Once the transfer request has been approved and the process has been initiated at the registry level, you can accept the transfers on GoDaddy's side to speed up the process:

    • Log in to your Account Manager;
    • Next to Domains, click Manage;
    • From the Domains menu, select Transfers;
    • Click on Pending Transfers Out and select the domain name(s) you are transferring out of GoDaddy;
    • Select Accept and click OK. The request will be processed within 15 minutes.

That's it!